1. The Other Night at Quinn's Playlist
    Mike Faloon

  2. Scot Sothern reads from Street Walkers and Sad City

  3. Rebecca Gonzales reads from Love, Sex, Family and Other Freak Shows

  4. Siel Ju reads from her story "Chef Grace"

  5. Kevin Moffett reads from a work in progress

  6. Josh Stallings reads from Young Americans

  7. Janice Lee reads a companion piece to Reconsolidation

  8. Sesshu Foster reads new and old poems

  9. David L Ulin reads from Sidewalking

  10. Andrea Kleine reads from Calf

  11. Allan MacDonell reads from Punk Elegies

  12. Jennifer Pashley reads from The Scamp

  13. Sean H. Doyle reads excerpts from This Must Be the Place

  14. Joshua Mohr reads from All This Life

  15. Shanna Mahin reads her piece published in The Rattling Wall #5

  16. Wendy C. Ortiz reads excerpts from Hollywood Notebook

  17. Patrick O’Neil reads excerpts from Gun, Needle, Spoon

  18. Myriam Gurba reads two poemy stories (super short), “Roving You Is Easy” and “Forever Egg Fu Yung,” and a short, short, short story called “Nuestra Casa Is Bilingual.”

  19. Brodie Foster Hubbard reads "Guillermo," excerpts from Fair Dig issues #1 and #2

  20. John Ross Bowie reads “Hardly Getting Over It,” an excerpt from his novel-in-progress.

  21. Michael M.B. Galvin reads an excerpt from the novel Louder than Bullets, a yet-to-be-published novel.

  22. Alice Bag reads “The Orpheum Show,” an excerpt from Violence Girl, East L.A. Rage to Hollywood Stage, A Chicana Punk Story.

  23. Cheryl Klein reads “Back to Her Mermaid State,” from her novel-in-progress, Saint Julian, Make Us Reborn.

  24. Kate Durbin reads an excerpt from the novel Kim’s Fairytale Wedding

  25. Mary Hamilton reads the short story “Fucking Birds”

  26. Todd Pound reads an excerpt from All & Nothing, a novel-in-progress

  27. Bianca Barragan reads “The Formation of Cataracts in Northeast Los Angeles"

  28. Cassie J. Sneider reads from Deer Toyota

  29. Taleen Kalenderian reads “How to Leave Cities”

  30. Gabe Durham reads “Tough Love Couples”

  31. Justin Maurer reads “Down on the Boulevard”

  32. Norb reads the preface ((aka "Pogologue")) to his book, THE ANNOTATED BORIS

  33. Amelia Gray reads "On The Illness"

  34. Mike Huguenor reads "Dog Police!"

  35. J. Ryan Stradal reads "The Augustus Mackinnon Story"

  36. Patrick O'Neil reads "Something's Wrong"

  37. Sarah Tomlinson reads an excerpt from The Year of Mister Nobody

  38. Scott O'Connor reads an excerpt from Untouchable

  39. Antonia Crane reads an excerpt from Spent

  40. Sean Carswell reads "Big Books and Little Guitars"

  41. Ben Loory reads "The Man and the Moose"

  42. Todd Taylor reads "We Called It War"

  43. Rev. Dr. Matthew Hart reads "Legacy of Brotality"

  44. Jim Ruland reads "The Jungle for Real"


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